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Why should your department participate?

  • Promote your program globally on the web and in print
  • Showcase your program’s focus and strengths
  • Benchmark your program against the competition
  • Recruit prospective graduate students



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Profile options and prices

Profile options

1. Standard
$1,600 / year

2. Enhanced
$2,600 / year

A Standard Profile will make your School and Department easier to reach and provide richer information to potential students.

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Stand out from the pack with an Enhanced Profile. Add top ranking in search results, your school logo, social media info, and customized highlights.

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Profile features




Cost $1,600 yearly $2,600 yearly
Print your program profile in AIP's Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields – available to all SPS chapters, participating departments, hundreds of physics and engineering libraries, and interested individuals worldwide check check

Display your full program profile online for a whole year – accessible for free to students from all over the world

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Link your program profile to your department, admissions, financial aid, housing, and faculty web sites – increase traffic to your department and institutional sites and increase your applicant pools check check

Enhanced Online Features:

Special customizable section: “Why Choose Us”

  • Rotating ad throughout the site
  • Priority ranking in search results
  • Display school logo
  • Display links to department / school Facebook, Twitter, Youtube videos, Flickr photos
Year-long update of online profile

Special Promotion:

Included in Student Flyer and promoted to prospective applicants via:

  • SPS chapter activities
  • Scientific conferences
  • Direct mail and email campaigns
  • Social media (i.e., Podcast interviews, Facebook Twitter, etc.)
Online downloading


  • Quarterly usage reports



Profile content

Print content for both profile options

  • University and Department General Information
  • Admissions, Tuition, Financial Aid, Housing
  • Teaching/Research Assistantships, Fellowships
  • Degree Requirements, Enrollments, Degrees Granted
  • Special Equipment, Facilities, and Programs
  • Research Budgets & Grants
  • Faculty Research Specialties & Interests
  • Department Research Specialties and Staff

Extra online-only content for Standard Profile

  • Department Culture
  • Notable Alumni
  • Faculty Contact Info and Web Sites

Additional online-only content for Enhanced Profile

  • Why Choose Us?
  • Links to Department Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flikr)
  • University / Department Logo



Production steps

  1. Request an account for submission
  2. Prepare information according to guidelines
  3. Choose Standard or Enhanced option
  4. Submit through online submission systems
  5. Order reprints for promotion purposes
  6. Pay by credit card or invoice
  7. Approve final PDF profile
  8. Receive print directory



Submission guidelines


Approximate production schedule

  • Submission open: March
  • Submission deadline: May
  • Production: June – July
  • Printing: August
  • Profiles online: August
  • Books shipped: September