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Department of Physics

Clarkson University
Science Center 273, Box 5820
Potsdam, NY  13699-5820
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(315) 268-2396
(315) 268-7754 (fax)

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  • Boise State University
    Materials Science And Engineering
    Boise, ID

  • Rochester Institute of Technology
    RIT - Chester F. Carlson Center For Imaging Science
    Rochester, NY

  • Rice University
    Professional Master's In Nanosciences And Space Studies
    Houston, TX

  • Georgia Institute of Technology
    School of Physics
    Atlanta, GA

  • University of Central Florida
    Department of Physics
    Orlando, FL

  • University of Illinois At Chicago
    Department of Physics
    Chicago, IL

  • Brown University
    Department of Physics
    Providence, RI

  • Case Western Reserve University
    Department of Physics
    Cleveland, OH

  • University of Arkansas
    Department of Physics
    Fayetteville, AR

  • Northern Illinois University
    Department of Physics
    DeKalb, IL

  • College of William And Mary
    Department of Physics
    Williamsburg, VA

  • University At Buffalo, The State University of New York
    Department of Physics
    Buffalo, NY

  • Colorado School of Mines
    Department of Physics
    Golden, CO

  • University of Denver
    Department of Physics And Astronomy
    Denver, CO

  • University of Pennsylvania
    Master of Medical Physics
    Philadelphia, PA

  • Dartmouth College
    Department of Physics & Astronomy
    Hanover, NH

  • Central Michigan University
    Department of Physics
    Mt. Pleasant, MI

  • Ryerson University
    Department of Biomedical Physics
    Toronto, CANADA

  • Nanjing University
    School of Physics
    Nanjing, CHINA

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Department of Physics
    Shanghai, CHINA

2013-2014 graduate programs in physics, astronomy, and other physical sciences

Clarkson University

Department of Physics

Application deadline Application fee General GRE GradSchoolShopper Statement on the Use of the GRE GRE Physics
Domestic - Fall: Apr 15, Spring: Oct 01
International - Fall: Apr 15, Spring: Oct 01
Domestic - $25
International - $35
Yes, required.
Yes, recommended.

Research Specialties
Clarkson University

Specialties for Degree Program

Research specialty Degree type
(Final degree/Enroute to PhD)
Biophysics Experimental Both
Chemical Physics Experimental Both
Computer Science Experimental Both
Condensed Matter Physics Experimental Both
Fluids, Rheology Experimental Both
Materials Science, Metallurgy Experimental Both
Nano Science and Technology Experimental Both
Optics Experimental Both
Physics and other Science Education Experimental Both
Statistical & Thermal Physics Experimental Both

Departmental Research and Staff





Lawrence Schulman, Joshua Thomas


Modeling of protein dynamics; DNA translocation; cell biomechanics.
Daniel ben-Avraham, Gabor Forgacs, Maria Gracheva, Dmitriy Melnikov, Jan Scrimgeour, Igor Sokolov

Chemical Physics

Reaction kinetics; energy storage materials; surface absorption.
Daniel ben-Avraham, Vladimir Privman, Dipankar Roy

Condensed Matter Physics

Quantum wells; semiconductors; ion mobility.
Daniel ben-Avraham, Ming-Cheng Cheng, M. Glasser, Vyacheslav Gorshkov, Maria Gracheva, Dmitriy Melnikov, Vladimir Privman, Dipankar Roy, Lawrence Schulman, Jan Scrimgeour

Nano Science and Technology

Quantum computing; device physics.
Ming-Cheng Cheng, Vyacheslav Gorshkov, Maria Gracheva, Dmitriy Melnikov, Vladimir Privman, Dipankar Roy, Jan Scrimgeour


Optical sensors; nonlinear optics, microscopy
Dipankar Roy, Jan Scrimgeour

Physics and other Science Education

Michael Ramsdell, Joshua Thomas, David Wick

Statistical & Thermal Physics

Phase transitions; network statistics; scaling; finite size effects; percolation: self-avoiding walks.
Daniel ben-Avraham, Gabor Forgacs, M. Glasser, Vyacheslav Gorshkov, Vladimir Privman, Lawrence Schulman



Light scattering photoluminescence; stellar spectroscopy, and polarimetry.
Joshua Thomas


Quantitative localization miroscopy; Physical properties of tissues, cytoplasm, and cytoskeleton.
Gabor Forgacs, Jan Scrimgeour, Igor Sokolov

Physics and other Science Education

Physics Education Research, Assessment and Curriculum Development
Michael Ramsdell

Surface Physics

Scanning probe microscopy; nanomaterials; soft condensed matter.
Jan Scrimgeour, Igor Sokolov

Interfacial electrochemistry of energy storage/conversion materials; kinetics of surface reactions; corrosion; catalysis.
Dipankar Roy