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  School name Department Country / Territory State
1. National University of Ireland Galway School of Physics IRELAND -
2. University of Alaska Fairbanks Physics USA AK
3. Alabama A&M University Physics USA AL
4. Auburn University Physics USA AL
5. University of Alabama at Birmingham Physics USA AL
6. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Physics & Astronomy USA AL
7. Arizona State University Physics & Astronomy USA AZ
8. Northern Arizona University Physics USA AZ
9. University of Arizona Optical Sciences USA AZ
10. University of Arizona Physics USA AZ
11. California State University, Long Beach Physics & Astronomy USA CA
12. San Diego State University Physics USA CA
13. San Jose State University Physics USA CA
14. Stanford University Applied Physics USA CA
15. Stanford University Physics USA CA
16. University of California Merced Physics USA CA
17. University of California, Berkeley Physics USA CA
18. University of California, Davis Physics USA CA
19. University of California, Irvine Physics USA CA
20. University of California, Riverside Physics & Astronomy USA CA
21. University of California, San Diego Physics USA CA
22. University of California, Santa Barbara Physics USA CA
23. University of California, Santa Cruz Physics USA CA
24. University of Southern California Physics & Astronomy USA CA
25. Colorado School of Mines Physics USA CO
26. Colorado State University Physics USA CO
27. University of Colorado, Boulder Physics USA CO
28. University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Physics USA CO
29. University of Denver Physics USA CO
30. Southern Connecticut State University Physics USA CT
31. University of Connecticut Physics USA CT
32. Wesleyan University Physics USA CT
33. George Washington University Physics USA DC
34. Georgetown University Physics USA DC
35. University of Delaware Physics & Astronomy USA DE
36. Florida Atlantic University Physics USA FL
37. Florida International University Physics USA FL
38. Florida State University Physics USA FL
39. University of Central Florida CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics USA FL
40. University of Central Florida Physics USA FL
41. University of Florida Physics USA FL
42. University of South Florida Physics USA FL
43. Emory University Physics USA GA
44. Georgia Institute of Technology Physics USA GA
45. Georgia State University Physics & Astronomy USA GA
46. Iowa State University Physics and Astronomy USA IA
47. University of Iowa Physics & Astronomy USA IA
48. DePaul University Physics USA IL
49. Illinois Institute of Technology Physics USA IL
50. Northern Illinois University Physics USA IL
51. Northwestern University Physics & Astronomy USA IL
52. University of Chicago Astronomy & Astrophysics USA IL
53. University of Chicago Physics USA IL
54. University of Illinois, Chicago Physics USA IL
55. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Physics USA IL
56. Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis Physics USA IN
57. Indiana University, Bloomington Astronomy USA IN
58. Indiana University, Bloomington Physics USA IN
59. Purdue Universty Physics USA IN
60. University of Notre Dame Physics USA IN
61. Kansas State University Physics USA KS
62. University of Kansas Physics & Astronomy USA KS
63. University of Kentucky Physics & Astronomy USA KY
64. Boston College Physics USA MA
65. Boston University Physics USA MA
66. Clark University Physics USA MA
67. Harvard University Physics USA MA
68. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences USA MA
69. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physics USA MA
70. Northeastern University Physics USA MA
71. University of Massachusetts, Amherst Physics USA MA
72. University of Massachusetts, Lowell Physics & Applied Physics USA MA
73. University of Maryland, Baltimore County Atmospheric Physics Graduate Program USA MD
74. University of Maryland, Baltimore County Physics Graduate Program USA MD
75. University of Maryland, College Park Astronomy USA MD
76. University of Maine Physics and Astronomy USA ME
77. Central Michigan University Physics USA MI
78. Eastern Michigan University Physics and Astronomy USA MI
79. Michigan Technological University Physics USA MI
80. Oakland University Physics USA MI
81. Wayne State University Physics and Astronomy USA MI
82. Western Michigan University Physics USA MI
83. University of Minnesota, Duluth Physics USA MN
84. Missouri University of Science & Technology Physics USA MO
85. University of Missouri, Columbia Physics & Astronomy USA MO
86. Washington University in St. Louis Physics USA MO
87. Mississippi State University Physics & Astronomy USA MS
88. University of Mississippi Physics & Astronomy USA MS
89. Montana State University, Bozeman Physics USA MT
90. Montana Tech Geosciences & Engineering USA MT
91. Montana Tech of the University of Montana Materials Science PhD Program USA MT
92. Appalachian State University Physics and Astronomy USA NC
93. Duke University Physics USA NC
94. East Carolina University Physics USA NC
95. North Carolina State University, Raleigh Physics USA NC
96. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Physics & Astronomy USA NC
97. Wake Forest University Physics USA NC
98. North Dakota State University Physics USA ND
99. Creighton University Physics USA NE
100. University of Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska Center for Materials & Nanoscience USA NE
101. University of Nebraska, Lincoln Physics & Astronomy USA NE
102. University of New Hampshire Physics USA NH
103. New Jersey Institute of Technology Physics USA NJ
104. Princeton University Physics USA NJ
105. Rutgers University, New Brunswick Physics & Astronomy USA NJ
106. Seton Hall University Physics USA NJ
107. Stevens Institute of Technology Physics And Engineering Physics USA NJ
108. New Mexico State University Astronomy USA NM
109. New Mexico State University Physics USA NM
110. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Physics USA NV
111. University of Nevada, Reno Physics USA NV
112. Columbia University Physics USA NY
113. Cornell University Physics USA NY
114. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Physics, Applied Physics, Astronomy USA NY
115. State University of New York (SUNY), Albany Physics USA NY
116. State University of New York (SUNY), Binghamton Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy USA NY
117. State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook Physics & Astronomy USA NY
118. State University of New York (SUNY), Univ. at Buffalo Physics USA NY
119. Syracuse University Physics USA NY
120. The Graduate Center - The City University of New York Ph.D. Program in Physics USA NY
121. University of Rochester Physics & Astronomy USA NY
122. University of Rochester The Institute of Optics USA NY
123. Bowling Green State University Physics & Astronomy USA OH
124. Case Western Reserve University Astronomy USA OH
125. Case Western Reserve University Physics USA OH
126. Kent State University Chemical Physics USA OH
127. Kent State University Department of Physics USA OH
128. Miami University Physics USA OH
129. Ohio State University Physics USA OH
130. Ohio University Physics and Astronomy USA OH
131. University of Cincinnati Physics USA OH
132. University of Dayton Electro-Optics Program USA OH
133. Oklahoma State University Physics USA OK
134. University of Oklahoma Physics & Astronomy USA OK
135. University of Tulsa Phys. & Eng. Phys. USA OK
136. Oregon State University Physics USA OR
137. Portland State University Physics USA OR
138. University of Oregon Physics USA OR
139. Bryn Mawr College Physics USA PA
140. Carnegie Mellon University Physics USA PA
141. Drexel University Physics USA PA
142. Lehigh University Physics USA PA
143. Pennsylvania State University Physics USA PA
144. University of Pennsylvania Physics USA PA
145. University of Pittsburgh Physics & Astronomy USA PA
146. Brown University Physics USA RI
147. Clemson University Physics & Astronomy USA SC
148. University of South Carolina Physics & Astronomy USA SC
149. University of South Dakota Physics USA SD
150. Fudan University Physics CHINA Shanghai
151. University of Tennessee, Knoxville Physics & Astronomy USA TN
152. Vanderbilt University Physics & Astronomy USA TN
153. Baylor University Physics USA TX
154. Rice University Physics & Astronomy USA TX
155. Rice University Smalley-Curl Institute USA TX
156. Southern Methodist University Physics USA TX
157. Texas Christian University Physics and Astronomy USA TX
158. Texas State University, San Marcos Physics USA TX
159. Texas Tech University Physics USA TX
160. University of Texas at Austin Physics USA TX
161. University of Texas, Arlington Physics USA TX
162. University of Texas, Dallas Physics Program USA TX
163. University of Utah Physics USA UT
164. Utah State University Physics USA UT
165. College of William and Mary Physics USA VA
166. George Mason University Physical Sciences USA VA
167. University of Virginia Physics USA VA
168. Virginia Commonwealth University Physics USA VA
169. Virginia Tech Physics USA VA
170. University of Washington Astronomy USA WA
171. University of Washington Physics USA WA
172. University of Wisconsin Medical Physics Program USA WI
173. University of Wisconsin, Madison Astronomy USA WI
174. University of Wisconsin, Madison Physics USA WI
175. West Virginia University Physics USA WV
176. University of Wyoming Physics & Astronomy USA WY