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Department of Physics

Dow Science 203
201 E Ottawa Court
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
(989) 774-3321
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Research Specialties and Staff

Research Specialties and Staff

Central Michigan University

Specialties for Degree Program

Research specialty Degree type
(Final degree/Enroute to PhD)
Astronomy None Final-degree
Astrophysics None Final-degree
Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Physics None Final-degree
Chemical Physics None Final-degree
Condensed Matter Physics Both Both
Fluids, Rheology None Final-degree
Materials Science, Metallurgy Both Both
Nuclear Physics Both Both
Polymer Physics/Science Both Both

Departmental Research and Staff


Computational electronic structure

Electronic structure theory of molecules and clusters. Magnetic and electric properties of low-dimensional systems.
Veronica Barone, Koblar Jackson, Juan Peralta

Computational materials physics

Electronic structure of materials using first-principles techniques.
Veronica Barone, Marco Fornari, Koblar Jackson, Juan Peralta

Nuclear structure physics

Spectroscopy and nuclear structure; shell model calculations.
Alfredo Estrade, Mihai Horoi, Georgios Perdikakis

Physics of circumstellar disks

Observational studies of disks using optical interferometry; computational modeling of radiative transfer in disks.
Christopher Tycner, Glen Williams

Rare isotope physics

High-precision mass determinations; transfer reactions.
Mihai Horoi, Matthew Redshaw



Nuclear Astrophysics.
Alfredo Estrade, Mihai Horoi, Georgios Perdikakis

Condensed Matter Physics

Single crystal growth and characterization.
Valeri Petkov

Materials characterization

X-ray characterization of materials; nanoparticles; disordered materials; rheology and polymer physics.
Axel Mellinger, Valeri Petkov

Quantum Materials

Bulk single crystal growth of quantum materials, such as multiferroics, topological insulators, new superconductors and frustrated magnets.

Rare isotope physics

High-precision mass determinations; transfer reactions.
Georgios Perdikakis, Matthew Redshaw

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