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Research Specialties and Staff

Research Specialties and Staff

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Specialties for Degree Program

Research specialty Degree type
(Final degree/Enroute to PhD)
Acoustics None -
Astrophysics Both Both
Atmosphere, Space Physics, Cosmic Rays Both Both
Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Physics Both Both
Biophysics Both Both
Chemical Physics Experimental -
Condensed Matter Physics Both Both
Electrical Engineering Experimental -
Electromagnetism Both Both
Low Temperature Physics Experimental Both
Materials Science, Metallurgy Both Both
Medical, Health Physics Experimental -
Nuclear Physics Theoretical Both
Optics Experimental -
Particles and Fields Both Both
Physics and other Science Education None -
Physics of Beams Experimental -
Plasma and Fusion Both Both
Polymer Physics/Science Experimental -
Relativity & Gravitation Theoretical Both
Statistical & Thermal Physics Experimental -

Departmental Research and Staff


Atomic, Molecular and Optical Theory

Scattering theory; electron-electron and electron-atom collisions; atomic collisions; molecular Rydberg states.
M. Saffman, T. Walker

Biophysics Theory

Modeling of a variety of complex biological systems.
Susan Coppersmith

Condensed Matter Theory

Magnetism; optical properties; energy band structure; many-body problems; superconductivity; heavy fermion systems; quantum Hall effect; quantum algorithms; studies of decoherence; studies of novel experimental architectures.
Ludwig Bruch, Susan Coppersmith, Lev Ioffe, R. Joynt, Alex Levchenko, Maxim Vavilov

High Energy Theory

Quantum field theory; particle astrophysics; string theory; mathematical physics; phenomenology of particle physics; collider physics; standard model and extensions; cosmology.
Yang Bai, A. Balantekin, Vernon Barger, Daniel Chung, Bernice Durand, L. Durand, Lisa Everett, Francis Halzen, Akikazu Hashimoto, Gary Shiu

Materials Science, Metallurgy

Many-body problems; disordered systems; thin films.
Victor Brar, M. Lagally

Neutrino and Astroparticle Theory

Early universe cosmology; dark matter and energy; baryogenesis; cosmic microwave background radiation; modified gravity; string cosmology; interstellar medium; supernova remnants; gas dynamics and radiation; cosmic-ray acceleration; neutrino and gamma-ray astronomy.
Yang Bai, A. Balantekin, Vernon Barger, Daniel Chung, Lisa Everett, Francis Halzen, Gary Shiu, Ellen Zweibel

Nuclear Theory

Reaction theory; scattering theory; nuclear structure; many-body theory; symmetry principles; heavy ions and intermediate energies; high energy nuclear physics; nuclear astrophysics.
A. Balantekin, William Friedman

Plasma Theory

Stability theory; plasma confinement; turbulence theory; anomalous transport; heating theory; computer simulation.
S. Boldyrev, P. Terry, Ellen Zweibel


Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Experiment

Atomic collisions; lasers; atomic oscillator strengths; high-resolution spectroscopy; trapped atoms; weakly ionized plasmas; Rydberg atom flux qubit; semiconductoring architectures; very high-resolution studies of atomic, molecular, and astrophysical phenomena; spectral line-strength determinations.
Shimon Kolkowitz, C. Lin, M. Saffman, T. Walker, Deniz Yavuz

Biophysics Experiment

Photoelectron spectromicroscopy of biological systems; cancer therapy.
Susan Coppersmith, Pupa Gilbert

Condensed Matter Experiment

Mesoscopic systems; scanning force microscopies; strongly correlated magnetic materials; high-temperature superconductivity; magnetic nanostructures and heterostructures; structural properties of polymers; synchrotron radiation studies of strongly correlated systems.
L. Anderson, Victor Brar, Susan Coppersmith, R. Dexter, Mark Eriksson, Pupa Gilbert, Franz Himpsel, David Huber, M. Lagally, Robert McDermott, Marshall Onellion, Mark Rzchowski, Michael Winokur

High Energy Experiment

CMS; LZ/LUX; ATLAS; LBNE; weak, electromagnetic, and strong interactions; search for Higgs bosons and new physics phenomena; study of B-meson and neutrino oscillation physics; study of leptonic CV violation; dark matter searches; study of proton structure.
Kevin Black, Tulika Bose, Sridhara Dasu, Francis Halzen, Kael Hanson, M. Herndon, A. Karle, Kimberly Palladino, Yibin Pan, Brian Rebel, Wesley Smith, Justin Vandenbroucke, Sau Wu

Neutrino and Astroparticle Experiment

X-ray, gamma-ray, and neutrino astronomy; solar neutrinos; dark matter searches; observational cosmology; cosmic background radiation and spectroscopy.
A. Balantekin, Francis Halzen, A. Karle, D. McCammon, R. Morse, Kimberly Palladino, Peter Timbie, Justin Vandenbroucke

Plasma Experiment

Toroidal confinement, instabilities, turbulence, and anomalous transport; reversed field pinch and tokamak.
S. Boldyrev, Jan Egedal, Cary Forest, John Sarff, P. Terry, Ellen Zweibel

Quantum Computing

Susan Coppersmith, Mark Eriksson, Lev Ioffe, R. Joynt, Alex Levchenko, Robert McDermott, M. Saffman, Maxim Vavilov

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