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Research Specialties and Staff

Research Specialties and Staff

Boston University

Specialties for Degree Program

Research specialty Degree type
(Final degree/Enroute to PhD)
Biophysics Both Enroute-to-PHD
Condensed Matter Physics Both Enroute-to-PHD
High Energy Physics Experimental Enroute-to-PHD
Particles and Fields Theoretical Enroute-to-PHD
Statistical & Thermal Physics Theoretical Enroute-to-PHD

Departmental Research and Staff


Condensed Matter Physics

Strongly interacting electron systems. Low-dimensional quantum magnetism and quantum antiferromagnets. High-temperature and organic superconductors and heavy electron systems. Fractional quantum Hall effect. Surface physics; solitons on surfaces. Structural and vibrational properties of adsorbed atomic layers. Equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of interacting many particle atomic systems. Quantum Monte Carlo algorithms. Graphene. Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices. Quantum adiabatic algorithm. Quantum quenches. Four postdoctoral fellows.
David Campbell, Claudio Chamon, Anushya Chandran, David Coker, Maged El-Batanouny, Bennett Goldberg, Wanzheng Hu, Plamen Ivanov, Maria Kamenetska, William Klein, Paul Krapivsky, Christopher Laumann, Karl Ludwig, Pankaj Mehta, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Sidney Redner, Andrei Ruckenstein, Anders Sandvik, Allyson Sgro, Sahar Sharifzadeh, William Skocpol, H. Stanley, Alexander Sushkov, Anna Swan, Malvin Teich, Alice White, Charles Willis, George Zimmerman

Particles and Fields

Physical origin of electroweak and flavor symmetry breaking, including theoretical and phenomenological studies of technicolor, little Higgs, extra dimensions and supersymmetry. Quantum chromodynamics. Collider phenomenology. Numerical simulations of lattice gauge theories. Fundamental studies of quantum field theory. Theoretical astrophysics and cosmology; dark matter, inflation, baryogenesis, and the formation of large scale structure. Seven postdoctoral fellows.
Richard Brower, Andrew Cohen, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Sheldon Glashow, Christopher Grant, Emanuel Katz, Kenneth Lane, So-Young Pi, Claudio Rebbi, Martin Schmaltz, James Shank, Saul Youssef

Statistical & Thermal Physics

Kinetics of phase transitions and coarsening processes. Chemical reactions, stochastic processes, and the role of spatial fluctuations. Structure of heterogeneous networks; the dynamics, resilience, and failure mechanism of networks. Population biology models. Theoretical biology; collective biological behavior; biological computation and environmental response. Fluctuation dynamics, nonlinearity, and complexity in physiological systems. Neural control and coupling of organ systems. Network physiology. Dynamics of social systems. Econophysics. Mechanisms of nucleation and spinodal decomposition. Physics of disordered media; percolation models of disordered materials. Fractals and multifractals. Hydrogen-bonded network formation in liquid water. Dynamics of earthquake faults. Dynamics of materials damage mechanisms. Acceleration algorithms for Monte Carlo simulations. First-passage processes and their applications. Stochastic transport processes. Theoretical studies of polymers. Two postdoctoral fellows.
Richard Brower, David Campbell, Claudio Chamon, Roscoe Giles, Plamen Ivanov, William Klein, Kiril Korolev, Paul Krapivsky, Christopher Laumann, Pankaj Mehta, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Sidney Redner, Anders Sandvik, H. Stanley



Atmospheric and solar neutrino studies and neutrino astrophysics with the Super-K experiment. Dark matter searches. Two postdoctoral fellows.
Christopher Grant, Edwards Kearns, James Stone, Lawrence Sulak, Alexander Sushkov, J. Whitaker


Energy transduction, ion transport, and signal receptor studies of microbial and vertebrate rhodopsins and their complexes by FTIR, resonance Raman spectroscopy and their bioengineering for optogenetics. Biomembrane technology and molecular electronics. Structure and electrical properties of membranes. Ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy, STM, AFM imaging of macromolecular assemblies, membrane surfaces, and protein-lipid interactions. Gelation of mucin and mucus. Novel Fluorescent Imaging for subcellular microscopy. Dynamics of DNA. Signaling and Information Processing in Biochemicals networks. One postdoctoral fellow.
Rama Bansil, Irving Bigio, Ji-Xin Cheng, Qiang Cui, Charles DeLisi, Shyamsunder Erramilli, Bennett Goldberg, Plamen Ivanov, Maria Kamenetska, Kiril Korolev, Pankaj Mehta, Amit Meller, Jerome Mertz, Kenneth Rothschild, Andrei Ruckenstein, Daniel Segre, Allyson Sgro, Ophelia Tsui

Condensed Matter Physics

Mesoscopic phenomena; quantum transport and quantum coherence phenomena in nanostructures. Advanced electronic materials. Nano-optics and spectroscopy of quantum dots, photonic bandgap systems, and carbon nanotubes. Single molecule spectroscopy and subcellular imaging. Studies of structural phase transitions in thin-film semiconductors. Synchrotron X-ray scattering studies of kinetics of nucleation, spinodal decomposition, and phase transitions. Growth of artificially structured materials using molecular beam epitaxy, sputtering, and chemical vapor deposition. Properties of high-Tc superconductor-normal interfaces. X-ray emission and photoemission studies of wide-band-gap semiconductors, organic superconductors, and low-dimensional transition metal oxides. Terahertz spectroscopy and time-integrated and time-resolved optical spectroscopy of correlated electron materials. Investigation of the structural, dynamical, and magnetic properties of solid surfaces using neutral helium and metastable He beam scattering. Current interest is focused on the surfaces of topological insulators and multi-ferroics. High-resolution photoemission and X-ray emission studies of metals, semiconductors, and oxides. Superconductivity, magnetic vortices, MEMS devices for optical networks, single-atom MBE. Four postdoctoral fellows.
Richard Averitt, Rama Bansil, David Bishop, Keith Brown, Scott Bunch, Maged El-Batanouny, Shyamsunder Erramilli, Bennett Goldberg, Mi Hong, Wanzheng Hu, Maria Kamenetska, Karl Ludwig, Pritiraj Mohanty, Theodore Moustakas, Kenneth Rothschild, Alexander Sergienko, Kevin Smith, Alexander Sushkov, Anna Swan, Ophelia Tsui, Alice White, George Zimmerman

High Energy Physics

Studies of the Higgs boson and electroweak symmetry breaking, W and Z bosons, top quarks, rare b quark decays and searches for new physics beyond the standard model at the CERN LHC. Study of neutrino properties using long baseline neutrino oscillation. Study of grand unified theories using proton decay. Precision measurements of the anomalous part of the muon magnetic dipole moment. Precision measurement of the muon lifetime and the Fermi constant. New limit on muon to electron conversion. New limit on the electric dipole moment of the muon and neutron. Precision measurement of muon capture on hydrogen and determination of the pseudoscalar coupling constant. Precision measurement of muon capture on deuterium. Eight postdoctoral fellows.
Steven Ahlen, Edward Booth, John Butler, Robert Carey, Zeynep Demiragli, Christopher Grant, Edwards Kearns, James Miller, B. Roberts, James Rohlf, Indara Suarez, Lawrence Sulak

Polymer Physics/Science

X-ray, light-scattering, rheology and microscopy studies of the structure, dynamics, and phase separations of gels, block copolymers, polymer nanocomposites, polymer thin films, and interfaces. Two postdoctoral fellows.
Rama Bansil, Kenneth Rothschild, H. Stanley, Ophelia Tsui

Surface Physics

Investigation of the structural, dynamical, and magnetic properties of solid surfaces using neutral helium and metastable helium beam scattering. Current interest is focused on the surfaces of topological insulators and multiferroics. High-resolution photoemission studies of metals, semiconductors, and oxides. Two postdoctoral fellows.
Qiang Cui, Maged El-Batanouny, Karl Ludwig, Kevin Smith

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