University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Department of Physics and Applied Physics

1 University Ave.
Lowell, MA 01854
(978) 934-3780
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Research Specialties and Staff

Research Specialties and Staff

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Specialties for Degree Program

Research specialty Degree type
(Final degree/Enroute to PhD)
Applied Physics Both Both
Astronomy Both Both
Astrophysics Experimental Both
Atmosphere, Space Physics, Cosmic Rays Both Both
Condensed Matter Physics Both Both
Materials Science, Metallurgy Both Both
Medical, Health Physics Both Both
Nuclear Physics Experimental Both
Optics Both Both
Particles and Fields Theoretical Both
Polymer Physics/Science Both Both
Qunatum Information Theoretical Both
Relativity & Gravitation Theoretical Both

Departmental Research and Staff



plasmonics, metamaterials, metasurfaces
Viktor Podolskiy


Quantum optics; dielectric waveguides;surface plamons; spectroscopy; imaging
Andriy Danylov, Archana Kamal, Viktor Podolskiy

Particles and Fields

Kunnat Sebastian

Plasma Physics

Simulations of solar and stellar atmospheres, magnetospheres, space physics and exoplanets
Ofer Cohen

Quantum Information

Quantum engineering, quantum computing, strongly interacting quantum systems
Archana Kamal

Relativity & Gravitation

Cosmology, dark energy, dark matter, simulations
Nishant Agarwal

Soft Condensed Matter

Theory and Computation in Soft Matter and Dynamic Systems, with applications in polymers, interfacial phenomena of electrolytes, and biological ensembles.
Johannes (Jos) Zwanikken


Applied Physics

Advanced detector development; gamma ray imaging; neutron detection; fast neutron spectroscopy; nuclear instrumentation; decay heat and cross-section measurements; proton microbeams; medical isotopes
Peter Bender, Partha Chowdhury, Marian Jandel, Jayant Kumar, Christopher Lister, Andrew Rogers, Walter Schier

Development of coherent sources, receivers; novel imaging systems at THz frequencies.
Guy DeMartinis, Robert Giles, Thomas Goyette, Cecil Joseph, Jerry Waldman

Materials tunable visible, infrared and far-infrared lasers; opto-electronic materials and devices; image processing; surface plasmons; polymers and biological materials.
Andriy Danylov, Guy DeMartinis, Andrew Gatesman, Robert Giles, Thomas Goyette, Wei Guo, Cecil Joseph, Jayant Kumar, Lian Li, Xifeng Qian, Mengyan Shen, Jerry Waldman


X-ray binaries; galactic formation and structure: suborbital sounding rockets for astronomical observation; development of novel instruments and data analysis techniques; UV imaging and spectroscopy; exoplanet observations.
Supriya Chakrabarti, Timothy Cook, Silas Laycock

Atmosphere, Space Physics, Cosmic Rays

Solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere interactions.
Paul Song

Medical, Health Physics

Dosimetry; shielding; biological effects of radiation; radon monitoring studies; radiation safety and control; aerosol physics;biophotonics;medical isotopes
Marian Jandel, Wilfred Ngwa, P. Hendrik Pretorius, Mark Rivard, Erno Sajo, Joao Seco, Mark Tries, Sheri Weintraub, Eric Wong, Anna Yaroslavsky

Nano Science and Technology

Femtosecond laser surface interactions.
Mengyan Shen

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear structure; nuclear astrophysics; spectroscopy of nuclei far from stability; heavy-ion reactions; nuclear isomers; superheavy nuclei
Peter Bender, Partha Chowdhury, Christopher Lister, Andrew Rogers


Andrew Gatesman, Robert Giles, Wei Guo, Jayant Kumar, Jerry Waldman, Anna Yaroslavsky

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