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Research Specialties and Staff

Research Specialties and Staff

Southern Connecticut State University

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Applied Physics None Final-degree

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Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed-matter physics; correlated many-body systems; frustrated magnetism; numerical methods.
Matthew Enjalran



High-resolution imaging techniques for astronomy; binary stars as probes of stellar and galactic evolution; exoplanets.
Elliott Horch

Condensed Matter Physics

Properties of polymers; high Tc superconductors; thin-film and nanoparticle deposition by matrix assisted processing (pulsed laser deposition); spectroscopy of materials.
Akbar Bidarian, Christine Broadbridge, Todd Schwendemann

High Energy Physics

High-energy astro-particle physics.
Leon Finch

Medical, Health Physics

Biomedical physics and biophysics, optical imaging methods of biological materials.
Binlin Wu

Nano Science and Technology

Advanced materials and nanostructures for microelectronics and optoelectronics; scanning probe and electron microscopy; X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy; nanoscale friction/adhesion (nanotriboloy) through the manipulation of nanoparticles; high-resolution scanning probe microscopy.
Christine Broadbridge, Todd Schwendemann, Binlin Wu

Nuclear Physics

High-energy nuclear physics, relativistic heavy ions.
Leon Finch


Spectroscopy of solid-state lasers and effects of ultraviolet light on optical fibers; polarization effects in interferometric measurements. Fluorescence of biological specimens. Design and construction of optical instrumentation for large telescopes.
Elliott Horch, Binlin Wu

Physics and other Science Education

Learning and teaching physics, including the effective use of technology, the development of problem-solving ability in introductory students, the development of curricular materials for use in the modern learning environment, and professional development for STEM educators.
Christine Broadbridge

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